Friday, October 24, 2008


Arabs use different numbers than we use in English. It took me a while to learn them.

To help me learn them faster, Andrew and I play a little game where I read license plates to him when we're out walking and he tells me if I read them right or not. First I would just say the numbers in English as I recognized them and then when I got good at that I started saying the names of the numbers in Arabic.

٠ is 0
١ is 1
٢ is 2
٣ is 3
٤ is 4
٥ is 5
٦ is 6
٧ is 7
٨ is 8
٩ is 9

See if you can figure out what numbers are on this license plate! (You can find the answer on the left side of the plate. Don't cheat, though!)


Aquaspce said...

This is great I think Nanny, hold off on any new posts until Deklan can take this to his teacher (might be Wednesday before she even sees this as they have Mon/Tues off.)
But THANKYOU so much, (and Rachel) This is a great start and Deklan and Billy played your game without cheating, and liked it! So Thanks again.

Nancy said...

Will do.

I'm glad they liked my game. :)

Have a good long weekend!