Friday, October 24, 2008

Cairo Flora

Today Rachel and I went for a walk outside and thought we'd show you some of the flowers we like. Cairo is still bursting with flowers; it's hard to believe that it is almost time for Halloween! It doesn't feel like fall at all! It's still over 20°C here!

We are lucky to live in a neighbourhood of Cairo called Maadi that is really pretty and green. There are trees lining the streets and that helps cool things down a lot. The trees are so big and tall that they kind of make a roof over the roads so things are usually pretty shady.

One of my very favorite trees grows in front of our building. It's called plumeria. It's not actually a native plant, but it grows nicely here. It also grows in Hawaii--you'll probably recognize the flowers.

I just think they are so pretty and they smell even better than they look!

Although the flowers are pretty small, the leaves are humongous! Rachel picked one up so that she could show you just how big the leaves really are.

And that's not even the biggest leaf we've come across. There are many other plants here that have huge leaves! Some of them are as big as Rachel, some of them are almost as big as me!

My hand on a leaf to show how big it is

Another one of my favorite plants is palm trees! There are plenty of those here. Even though Cairo is in the middle of the desert, it's pretty tropical. We love it!


Aquaspce said...

HOLY DINAH! those are big leaves :)
Deklan and Abra wrote this, we're peeking :)

Nancy said...

Peeking is fine! I wanted you to peek to see if this is what Deklan was looking for--I, of course, can write about anything, but these were just some ideas I had.